Lined static mixers

Lined static mixers
Shown are the Dr. B. Pittaluga & C. Sr.l.  static mixersVP type DN 80 x 400 mm and XL type DN 40 x 350 mm.

The Pittaluga Static Mixers are composed by:

  • protef® Carbon steel PTFE lined flenged duct
  • Dr. B. Pittaluga carbon steel Blue Harmor coated mixing element.
Italprotec has manufactured for Dr. B. Pittaluga flanged housing, manifolds, reduced tee, instrument tee and nozzle liner. The Pittaluga Static Mixers housing have been made by carbon steel in sizes from DN 25 to DN 300 and from 1 “to 12”, externally  treated with inorganic zinc, epoxy primer , polyurethane paint, with UNI EN 1092-1 PN 16 or ANSI 150 and 300 flanges  and lined with virgin PTFE or PFA.

Such housing benefit from the following features of our protef® products:

  • Used PTFE liner is paste extruded according to ASTM D-4895: it is inserted by force into the steel pipe and then relaxed with hot air. Above indicated process eliminates air presence between the steel pipe and the PTFE, providing liner stability also for vacuum and volatility gas applications. Paste extruded PTFE advantages includes continuos extrusion, constant mechanical characteristics along the whole PTFE spool, constant thickness, excellent resistance to permeation and diffusion.
  • PFA is a thermoplastic fluoropolymer with chemical resistance comparable with PTFE but with the advantage that can be melted. The Liner is locked on the steel by means of anchorages that allow  excellent resistance in vacuum applications. PFA has excellent resistance to permeation and diffusion, has extremely smooth surfaces and constant internal diamters, has very low damping factor, allow energy saving and low pressure drop.


The mixing elements manufatctured by Dr. B. Pittaluga provide excellent mixing efficiency even with wide throughput ranges and may be suitable for plugging systems. The static mixers of which Italprotec has fabricated  the flanged housing are used for applications such as polyelectrolites dilution, admixing of polyelectrolites or  flocculant to water or sludges, pH adjustment, remineralisation of desalinated water, blending of miscible liquids, dispersion of unmiscible fluids, mixing of additives in gasoline and fuel oils. The Pittaluga Static Mixers can be made in execution suitable for food applications. The mixing elements can be made by stainless steel, carbon steel, alloys, superalloys, PVC, PP, FRP, PVDF and PTFE.

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Lined static mixers