Single-use systems PharmaSolutions ®

Saint-Gobain controls every step of production for all OUT single-use fluid transfer systems, from the in-house compounding of our biopharm and medical grades of silicone and C-FLEX® thermoplastic resins to the manufacturing of our TYGON®, Sani-Tech®and C-Flex® extruded tubings, EZ Top®container closures, Pure-Fit SC sterile connectors and clamps, and Bio-Simplex™ overmolded assemblies.
New C-FLEX· ULTRA Pump Tubing …
  • Out performs any TPE on the market today tenfold*
  • Does not “gum” pump heads
  • Produced from C-FLEX®pharmaceutical grade thermoplastic elastomer
  • Class VI, complies with USP 24/ NF19
  • Heat sealable and weldable
  • Good clarity – fluid visible through translucent tubing wall
  • Available NOW from the world’s leading blopharm tubing manufacturer
*Test performed by independent lab At 600 rpm / 15 lbs back pressure
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Single-use systems PharmaSolutions ®