protef® EHRI rotolining process

Italprotec is pleased to announce that it has signed a distribution agreement with EHRI Rotomoulding Coatings BV for the distribution of lining products through rotomolding and rotolining process for southern Europe Area.
The computer-controlled machine developed by rotomoulding EHRI is a significant improvement in the standard rotomoulding lining for ETFE, PFA, EHRI-08, PEEK.
The development is centered around a special computer controlled machine tool that is able to ensure an even temperature of about 430 ° C to generate. The object is clamped in a holder which rotates around two axes. More objects of a different size or shape can be processed at the same time. The object is then subjected to a certain rotary motion, and a specific temperature profile for the entire duration of the process. A special computer controls and monitors the entire process.
The EHRI method can be used for any shape and complexity. Therefore, a uniform coating to be achieved without any problems on the eccentric components, such as adapters, fitting pieces, branching, curved pieces, pumps and valves, flow meters, and on with a size of 2,30×2,30 meter.
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protef® EHRI rotolining process