The increasing demand for customized and single-use products has developed solutions which reduce assembly and sterilization times at the production site; PharmaLink® brand was born for this aim: it includes vulcanized platinum silicone manifolds which eliminates leaks and contamination. Complex assemblies are also available according to customer specifications. PharmaLink® products meet USP class VI, Famacopea Europea, FDA, NSF and ISO.

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PharmaLinks BioClosures

Platinum cured silicone or biopharmaceutical grade TPE

Manufactured from USP Class VI, platinumcured silicone elastomer or from PharmaLink® biopharma­ceutical grade TPE, Italprotec Industries BioClosures offer the utmost in purity.

They’re biologically safe and work with vessels of glass, metal or plastic. Stoppers, caps, inserts for True Unions and GL45’s, and other styles, with or without tubing, are available.

PharmaLink® BioClosures are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.


PharmaLinks BioManifolds

Single use silicone manifolds are manufactured by­molding straight sections of tubing or hose with con­nectors of various styles such as T’s, Y’s, and reducers. Molded connectors provide a seamless transition for a continuous, unrestricted, leak-proof flow by eliminating the use of barbed fittings.

Manifolds are custom made to your specifications and available with of 10-6 per ISO 11137 method VDmax. Choose from the connection options listed here, or suggest your own.

PharmaLink® manifold connectors are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.


PharmaLinks BioSystems

For pharmaceutical & biotech processing applications

Eliminate production stoppages for sterilization, reduce the risk of leaks and contamination, and increase efficiency by incorporating BioSystems from Italprotec Industries. PharmaLink® BioSystems simplify cleaning validations-use once and discard.

Each system is custom made using platinum-cured, Class VI silicone tubing or reinforced hose or TPE Class VI biopharmaceutical grade tubing to meet sealing and welding application requirements.

Add fittings, stoppers and container closures, filters, sensors, bottles, labels, tracking options and other components. PharmaLink® BioSystems are not intended for implantation or continuous steam applications.