Ball valves

Ball valves – IBV

The design of the ball valves series IBV provide an excellent ratio of economic and operational performance in a wide variety of process applications.
The ball valves IBV are designed as shut-off and automated valves for corrosive and hazardous media, where stainless steel, special metals, PVDF etc. are not sufficiently corrosion-resistant, as alternative to valves made of exotic special metals and serve as reliable alternative to lined plug valves due to higher flow rates, much lower torques and minimum maintenance.

Available from DN 15 to DN 200 with a PN 10/16 or ANSI 150 flange, these are the ideal choice for intercepting highly corrosive fluids. The virgin PFA or electrically-conductive lining is anchored to the body for guaranteed safety and reliability, even under high vacuum conditions.


Technical specifications can change without notice.