Plastic lined fittings

SPEED-LOCK® – encapsulated couplings offering the exceptional resistance of PFA, PVDF and PP to almost all corrosive chemicals. Moreover, the lining is so versatile that it allows the same coupling to be used in plants where production parameters are subject to periodical variations. PFA, PVDF and PP compliance to FDA regulations make “Encapsulated SPEED-LOCK®” couplings suitable for pharmaceutical and food applications.
A further remarkable feature of lined couplings is their longer average life, which dramatically impacts on maintenance costs reduction. On request couplings can be also lined in conductive PFA.

Available fitting type:
Flange-retainer, Camlock-retainer, Male and female camlock, DIN28450 hose shank, hose shank, SMS hose shank, Camlock LAS, Camlock LBS, Flanged DIN11851, Flanged DIN28450, Flanged SMS, Camlock AD, DIN11851 double.

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Plastic lined fittings