PDS – PTFE lined periscopic dip-pipe

PDS – PTFE lined periscopic dip-pipe for aspiration of corrosive fluids from reactors and tanks.
The periscopic dip-pipe system PDS was developed from the experience ofItalprotec following the requests received by chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry about suction of highly corrosive fluids from the top of reactors and tanks.
This requirement is often present in some processes where it is necessary to perform the separation between two liquid phases. The periscopic unit consists of a system of coaxial dip-pipes, nr. 1 internal movable size DN 25 used as a suction lance and nr. 1 external fix size DN 100 used as a jacket.
The maximum stroke of the suction lance is 900 mm, and the depth gauge inside the equipment, is manually controlled with an hand-wheel.
Clicking on the below link you can see an animation through which you can see how it works.
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PDS – PTFE lined periscopic dip-pipe