FLOWSiC® patented shell and tube heat exchanger

USA patent Nr. US 6,904,959 B2 dated 14/06/2005.

European patent Nr. EP1491842 B1 dated 18/06/2008.

Italian patent Nr. 0001348655 dated 06/11/2008.

Shown is the SAURUS 939 vacuum pump manufactured by Italvacuum with capacity from 80 to 380 m3/h with vacuum values in a closed system of 0.66 mbar.


The main components of the unit are:

  • Double stage vacuum piston pump with the body in ductile iron and discharge valves in Hastelloy C22
  • FLOWSiC® silicon carbide post condenser
  • Hastelloy C22 solvent storage tank
  • Convoluted PTFE flexible hoses by proflex® with external spiral reinforcement together with SS braid

Italprotec has recently been awarded by Italvacuum an order for 6 FLOWSiC® silicon carbide post condensers with capacities of 0.35 m2, 1.35 m2 and 1.85 m2.
Acid fluid circulation occurs on the tube side where heads and compression tube sheets are manufactured in low temperature carbon steel lined with PFA.

Shell and main and secondary tube sheets are manufactured in SS 304L.

The integrity of the seal on the silicon tubes is assured through use of the Italprotec design system consisting of triple tube sheets with two o-rings (Kalrez® and Viton®), together with one intermediate PTFE distance ring.
Hydrostatic testing is carried out with water at 25°C in accordance with the customer’s technical specification as below:

  • Shell/cooling side: 18 bar – duration 10 minutes
  • Tubes/condensing side: 5 bar – duration 10 minutes

Silicon carbide heat-exchangers were specified in preference to Hastelloy C due to the many benefits offered by this superior material. Silicon carbide is lower priced and more cost effective with more efficient heat exchange characteristics. Many users have reported extended reliability using FLOWSiC® heat exchangers.

Another advantage of the FLOWSiC® exchanger is the absence of metallic leachants in the process fluid where contamination and high purity are of paramount importance.

Italprotec is pleased to announce that they have recently implemented Aspentech Tasc+software technology for the design of its heat exchangers.
This latest generation of software allows detailed simulation with the following significant benefits:

  • Equipment cost savings
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased engineering efficiency
  • Solving process constraints
  • Solving dimensions constraints
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FLOWSiC® patented shell and tube heat exchanger