Custom-Engineered lined Dip-pipes

Custom-Engineered Dip-pipes
Italprotec dip-pipes are widely used in chemical, oil, pharmaceutical, food industries etc. not only to take samples from reactors or storage vessels as a component in a sampling systems, but also for suctioning or draining fluids from tanks or reactors without side and bottom connection. In modern industrial processes the dip-pipes are frequently used also for charging of reactors, conveying liquids or gas below the liquid level and washing through the use of rotating spray-ball heads.
Italprotec dip-pipes are made with customized steel tube and  flanges, lined with paste extruded PTFE to protect from corrosion both the internal and external surface of the metal tube. Our knowledge and advanced production techniques allow us to produce lined dip-pipes with continuous PTFE liner or welded liner.
In addition to different diameters and standard type, Italprotec designs and produces customized dip-pipes and systems according to customers need as the double dip-pipe consisting of a straight dip-pipe tube with lateral distributor and a bend dip-pipe with rotating washing spray-ball end.
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Custom-Engineered lined Dip-pipes